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BREAKING: Person of interest in Nashville bombing identified as 63-year-old Anthony Quinn

Possible Comms?????

Qdrop 3724

Also an Anthony Quinn who was an actor on a movie called “Larceny Inc” based on The Night Before Christmas in 1941 by Warner Bro’s which is now owned by AT&T But that’s just a helluva coincidence

>>63 yo Anthony Quinn Warner

>>[Actor] Anthony Quinn >>starred in a [movie] “Larceny Inc” based on “The Night Before Christmas” by Warner Bro’s, now owned by AT&T

>>Nashville habbened near the AT&T bldg

>>it shut down the net

>>17 post #63 is a warning about shutting down the net

15 min warning does not seem BlackHat

Public explosion does not seem WhiteHat

And that falls right in line with Sun Tzu’s Art of War....does it not?

WH Op or BH Op, 🤷‍♂️

I do know this: Patriots are in control. I just provide the info and some thoughts

>>Not everything will be clean

Did we prevent something more nefarious ?

— June 20, 2020 —

“Tennessee paper religious ad claims ‘Islam’ will detonate nuclear bomb in Nashville”