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Chase Matthews Facebook page just got banned for 72 hours. Add me on Telegram

Lots of Patriots getting booted from Facebook today. My Chase Matthews page just got banned for 72 hours. If you havent already you need to download the telegram app. This will be the best way for us to communicate

Share this info on your page and with all your friends and family. Lets get everyone reunited on my Telegram page.

If you need help setting up a Telegram account please send me a PM

Add my channel on Telegram.

Add my group on Telegram

How to make a folder in Telegram

Cool Telegram Tricks

⚠⚠ SECURITY ALERT ⚠⚠ FOR TELEGRAM USERS Please take a few minutes to "harden" or secure your Telegram account right now.

In any public Telegram channel your membership is not private. We need to operate under the assumption that both feds and members of far-left groups are monitoring all channels for information. Don't worry, though! There are a few key steps we can take to mitigate the risk of exposing personal information through Telegram:

• ASSUME any message you send will be read by a bad-actor. Don't say anything that would incriminate yourself or others, expose sensitive information, compromise an identity, etc.

• DO NOT respond to unsolicited direct messages ("DMs"). Bad-actors may try to initiate contact through direct messages in an attempt to obtain incriminating or otherwise valuable information about you and your brothers.

• DO NOT share your phone number on Telegram (Settings / Privacy and Security / Phone Number > Nobody). This is the single most important step you can take to secure your Telegram account.

• DO NOT use your real name, photograph or a user-name used on other platforms. Bad-actors will use this information to help dox you. Telegram allows you to change both.

• DO enable PIN lock for all messaging applications (Settings / Privacy and Security / Passcode Lock > Enable). If your phone is taken by the police, this can help protect your messages.

• DO enable two-factor-authentication for all messaging applications (Settings / Privacy and Security / Two-Step Verification > Enable). This will require a second code or password to login to your account. Far-left groups have hacked accounts before.

It's never too late to start using best-practices to communicate securely. We keep us safe

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