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Facebook is after me big time

I just got a warning on my facebook page. Im making a difference here on Facebook and they are now very aware. The warning was on a Pepe Meme I created to let everyone know where to find me. It had to be either my profile name I mentioned or the name of my website I mentioned that triggered the warning. This isn't good news guys. It's very important that you remember to find me at my website if I ever disappear. I've been to comfortable and have all of my accounts logged in on the same wifi. It wouldn't be to difficult for facebook to completely wipe my existence off of thier platform. If you create a profile on our site I will eventually figure out how to send out email campaigns and I can let everyone know where I am at next. Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. HOLD THE LINE GUYS. WE ARE WINNING BIGLY. NOTHING CAN STOP THIS ITS INEVITABLE GOD WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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