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Food for thought to bring patriots spirits up

Fellow Patriots, I ask you to consider the following:

What if what happened at the Capitol (one of the most secure buildings in the country) was good guys (MIL), posing as bad guys (Antifa), posing as good guys (Patriots) who were let into the building by paid off traitors because Congress did not want the vote to go off with objections and wanted an excuse to try and remove Trump (25th Amendment) to avoid what is coming?

What if the good guys have infiltrated high in the levels of traitors and know who and what they are doing? What if I told you that certain MIL Spec Ops have long been embedded in with the bad guys and even they have no idea just how compromised they are. What if you are witnessing a full on coup orchestrated by Obama, Pence, Pelosi and McConnell? What if Trump knows all this? What if you are actually witnessing the beginning of the public MIL operation in full view and didn't even know it? MIL Spec Ops don't always work the way the movies show them (in full combat gear) and sometimes can perform their operation in full view of the public without anyone even knowing Who do you need behind you when the government is being drawn along two sides - Patriots and Traitors - and you are about to remove the traitors? The only people that matter, the American Public. Congress has NO power if the public stands firmly behind the President

What if I told you that in a couple weeks time come into focus and what you just witnessed will become clear that it is the beginning of the end for all of the traitors - at all federal, state and local levels - in this nation. Don't worry about the coming certification of the vote for Biden, it means nothing other than members of Congress violating their Congressional Oaths and using their positions to support Treason (Misprisionment of Treason). This was planned for and needed.

What matters is that American Patriots stand with the President and against Congress at this pivotal point. Do not worry, the traitors in Congress are about to learn just how little power they actually have and what truly happens when you betray the American people when you were elected to represent them instead, Just know this - the MIL is 100% behind the President.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - President John F. Kennedy

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