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George H. W. Bush State Funeral Past Proves Future

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

George H. W. Bush State Funeral

Past Proves Future

The first time Q used the term D5 was on May 10 2018.

This term “D5” would be repeated again and again over the year.

On Nov 20 2018 , Q specifically references D5 has December 5th, as well an article regarding government investigation into Clinton Foundation.

Later that month, major news broke of G.H.W Bush’s death and his funeral was officially announced to be on December 5th, 2018.

Prediction on the date of the funeral as a proof is directly confirmed by Q in a post just before the state funeral.

In another post, Q replies to an anon’s question on the contents of the envelope:

The state funeral was attended by Trump, the Bush family, Obamas, Clintons as well as other notable political figures familiar with George H.W Bush.

A number of interesting exchanges took place that were caught on camera. It was been pointed out that the wives of certain individuals received a hidden envelope containing a secret letter.

The contents of the letter was enough to trigger a negative reaction among the Bush family.

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