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Good News of the Week, June 20, 2021:

Here is your “Good News of the Week.” We are WINNING on many fronts. There will be MANY more wins, so take courage!

Good News of the Week, June 20, 2021:

1. Rogan O’Handley is suing former CA Secretary of State turned senator Alex Padilla for colluding with Twitter to violate his First Amendment rights. O’Handley claims that government employees directed Twitter to remove his tweets that questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election. This is similar to Dr. Shiva’s case. There will be more.

2. Twitter lost its protective shield in India because they failed to comply with new IT rules. Twitter could now face police questioning and criminal liability over “unlawful” and “inflammatory” content posted by any user on their platform.

3. The Maricopa County audit continues. According to former AZ SOS Ken Bennett, ballot evaluation should wrap up by the end of June and further work will take place in July. The in-depth audit report is expected sometime in August.

4. Hundreds of citizens from across Michigan delivered more than 7,500 notarized affidavits to MI lawmakers claiming election fraud and demanding a forensic audit. The group was lead by Michigan’s first black, female Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo.

5. Governor Greg Abbott laid out his strategy for Texas to build its own barrier along the Texas-Mexico border. He has authorized a $250M down payment, set up a donation website, directed the Texas Facilities Commission to hire a project manager and demanded Biden to return Texas land to Texas.

6. Governor Ron DeSantis is deploying Florida state and local law enforcement officers to Texas and Arizona to help with border security. This move comes after Governors Abbott and Ducey sent out a letter to every state urgently requesting immediate assistance.

7. A federal judge blocked Biden’s Executive Order that suspended new oil and gas leasings on federal land. The preliminary injunction applies to offshore drilling and onshore federal land nationwide. This is a huge victory for many thousands of American workers.

8. Small businesses are having trouble hiring workers because the government is paying people more to remain unemployed than they would earn by working. Nine more states have announced they will encourage people to get back to work by ending pandemic-related unemployment benefits. By the end of July, more than half of the states will have eliminated or modified the federal bonus.

9. The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a Catholic foster agency has the right to turn away same-sex couples as foster parents on the grounds of religious freedom.

10. California has adopted President Trump’s plan to use controlled burns and to rake forest floors of dead trees, branches and leaves to decrease the chance and spread of wildfires. California will be using $500M in government aid to send 12-person crews out into 33M acres of forest.

11. The Florida Board of Clemency has pardoned all Florida residents who were arrested or fined for violating mask mandates imposed by local governments.

12. Governor Abbott signed a bill into law that allows Texans 21 or older to carry a handgun without a license or permit. Several states have passed similar bills this year. Among them are Utah, Iowa, Montana, Tennessee and Wyoming. Other state legislatures are considering like bills.

13. Hungary passed a law that will stop children from being targets of homosexual and transgender propaganda in education, television, movies and advertisements. The vote passed Hungary’s National Assembly 157-1.

14. Countless Patriots around the Nation continue to speak out and fight against government corruption and tyranny at their local School Board, City Council and County Board of Supervisors meetings. They are winning many fights. Find a meeting near you and get involved!

15. The best news is that “the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

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