Hopeless people have no fight, Always have hope, always spread hope.

I'd like to to address this, because I am tired of being told that Q was an OP to pacify me, when I've done more work in the truth movement for last few years because of Q than at any other time in my life.

"The plan" always required our participation. It was not about pacification, it was about activation. It was about the Great Awakening, Q activated an army of digital soldiers to counter the fake news. We did all the research work, created media of all types, and spread it relentlessly across social media all while being deplatformed, ridiculed, banned, censored, hated, and worse. We woke up millions anyway.

We fought in the trenches of the information war, while the naysayers and blackpillers did nothing but attempt to dampen our morale, which is actually worse than nothing. Killing the morale of patriots is useful only to the enemy, so don't do it. It takes a lot of nerve to criticize us about being pacified while sitting on the Sidelines.

One more thing- HOPE IS ALWAYS CORRECT, because you never know if it's "false hope" until after the fact. Hopeless people have no fight, Always have hope, always spread hope.

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