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Memes can and should be used like medicine to inoculate the enemy and generate popular support.


• Defining memes. Memes are "units of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation," and

as ideas become means to attack ideologies. Meme-warfare enters into the hotly contested

battlefields inside the minds of our enemies and particularly inside the minds of the undecided.

• Formations charged with Information Operations (IO) Psychological Operations

(PsyOps), and Strategic Communications (SC) provide an existing construct for memes and the

study of memes, memetics, to grow and mature into an accepted doctrinal discipline.

• Epidemiology of insurgency ideology. Using the analogy that ideologies possess the

same theoretical characteristics as a disease (particularly as complex adaptive systems), then a

similar method and routine can/should be applied to combating them.

Memes can and should be used like medicine to inoculate the enemy and generate popular support.


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