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Outwitting The Devil - Napoleon Hill

Outwitting The Devil - Napoleon Hill

A unique approach to understand the issues we possess as a nation and also on an individual level. By interviewing the Devil himself, Napoleon Hill describes what is holding us back. The reason we’re depressed, overweight, addicted to narcotics, drugs, cigarettes, sex. During the conversation with the Devil, the curtain for a happy and successful life slowly uncovers.

In the face of the Devil, the author is placing thoughts, habits, surroundings which are making us prisoners, slaves to his Majesty. Napoleon Hill helps us understand that “going to hell” doesn’t happen after we’re dead, it’s happening at this very moment – while we’re living. The insights from the conversation with the Devil hold the key to overcome the negative things that are happening in our own lives. Convince us that having a clear idea of where we want to go is crucial for slaying our inner demons and thriving as individuals.

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