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Did you really think we could vote the deep state out out of power and into jail?

Did you really think that the deep state controlled congress would debate itself out of power and into jail?

Did you really think VP Pence, who the deep state Republicans packaged up with the rest of Trump's first cabinet would object himself into a jail cell?

Did you really think that Dorsey, Zuckerberg et al would allow the truth to be broadcast today, ensuring themselves a loss of power replaced by a jail cell?

NOTHING you have seen so far was EVER going to be big enough to end the global elites 5 families, and the international communist cabal's 1000yr and 100yr plans

(respectively) to absorb the last free nation on the planet.

IT WILL BE BIBLICAL doesnt mean civilized, or peaceful, or even enjoyable. Its not going to happen in the span of a Sunday night netflix episode or fit into one

news cycle. The scope of the task is AT LEAST 10s of thousands of bad guys. it is GLOBAL, not reduced to 5 corrupted Secretaries of States, or even

300 stooges in congress

Stop thinking so small as a debate in Washington today is just one move on a global scale chess board. What ever the solution is, it aint coming out of the never-

ending-debate-graft-and-pay-off-exercise in our US Government

Keep in mind the scope and the size of the stakes of this game. We are talking about control of the entire planet and the literal future our entire species. This is FAR

bigger than our Civil War, our Revolutionary War. ... Bigger even than WWII. The deep state has nukes you know and you better believe that they will use them before

they let themselves get put in jail and/or have their fortunes seized.

There is a global military action pending that will be biblical. EVERY Trump E/O has supported that fact. The deep state has played a face card today, and made

America, and yeah, even most trump supporters think that they won the game..... but, have you noticed... Trump hasnt done ANYTHING big yet?