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The big picture assessment

Part 1:

This is ultimately about waking up the people and exposing darkness (Red Pills!) The roots have to be exposed not just the branches.

This is the Q plan:

Pre Covid: Red Pill level - Medium

Trump comes in like a wrecking ball and brings us the best United States we've seen, while the deep state does every crooked thing to remove him or make him look bad (all fail horrendously.) Meanwhile White hats are doing operations taking down roots of sex trafficking. MSM being exposed for their hatred of Trump.

Covid: Red Pill level - High

Covid strikes which changes the whole game. White hats have to maintain optics in the normies eyes, while the black hats are changing fundamental rules of society (exchange freedom for security.) It's a multi-purpose attack. It's about ushering in NWO, and bringing Trump, White hats down. I believe they wanted to wait to release the virus probably 2 months before election but White hats baited them with Q posts to release way earlier. Every Elite telling public to follow guidelines while they throw or attend parties, or cry on Twitter about how hard their lives are in the pandemic in the safety of their mansions. Meanwhile science is ignored with implementation of masks. All statistics of Covid are tampered with.

Election: Red Pill level - Very High

Brutally obvious election fraud is commited on every level. Everyone knows unless you weren't paying attention, or you dislike Trump so who cares.. The public gets to see exactly who is corrupted in the Government, and Supreme Court. Antifa storms capital as Maga supporters (it was suppose to end with a lot more deaths.) They do this to try and impeach Trump after Election. Rhinos are exposed. Republicans now know this isn't about Democrats vs. Republicans. Joe Biden has a fake inauguration and they lie that he is the highest voted for president of all time...

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