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The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to choose sides NOW

More important than beating the DS

More important than the tragedies of tribulation

More important than feeding the hungry

More important than ending all the wars

More important than freeing all of humanity from slavery

More important than saving the children

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to choose sides NOW; believe in your Lord Jesus Christ, don’t wait until it’s too late. Then once you have chosen the Next most important thing is to scream from the mountain tops the truth and evangelize the world to do the same, unabated and unafraid of persecution, KNOWING that eternal salvation awaits those who do and eternal damnation awaits those who don’t.

As a former atheist, I understand the hesitation of those who don’t believe. I understand the ignorance of what to do.

It’s quite simple.

Humble thyself

Repent from the acts of wickedness you participated in, wittingly or unwittingly.

Genuinely Ask God and Jesus for forgiveness.

Live pure.

Share and show this love to others!

The “nothing” in the phrase “nothing can stop what’s coming” is any humanly or demonic entity, including Satan himself.

The “what’s coming” is Jesus himself.

Whether it’s in our life time or our children’s lifetime, it matters not, although looking around at the world it would appear we must be getting close.

You don’t have to believe me.

But those that choose this path will KNOW I was telling you the truth.

Set your soul free from the traps of the SATANIC PIECES OF SH** that rule this earth, including Satan himself.

Free will is a thing.

It’s both a gift and a law of this universe-

all you have to do is:



>ignore the naysayers here to stop you

>have FAITH

>give HOPE

>give LOVE

>and do all of these things without FEAR.

BIG FACTS. 100%.

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