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Trusting God to Work it Out – A Prayer of Surrender

Trusting God to Work it Out – A Prayer of Surrender

Jesus, what a privilege You give me at the start of each new day to come and sit at Your feet to listen and learn. I wonder in this moment if there is anything in my life that compares to stepping into my quiet place knowing You wait for me and knowing You will lead and direct my path. I recognize there is nothing special or unusual about myself except perhaps my willingness to make myself available to be used by You. My "frenship" with You, Jesus, exceeds my wildest imaginings. I could never have predicted where this frenship would take me. It has been a day by day drawing from Your Throne of Grace that has led me to this day -- which fuels me with hope for the days to come. I am so grateful that my abilities and talents were not the criteria for this unique relationship You have granted me. As simplistic as it sounds, I believe it has been the nurturing of our frenship that has made all the difference. To know it is Your desire to speak into each one of our lives is a very humbling reality. It has changed the way I think and react to life. Knowing You are my greatest treasure and Your truths are the solid food I need to grow, fills me with joy and hope. You have taught me to not stress and worry about my life or ministry -- instead You have set me free from much of the baggage I carried around -- and over time, You have grown me to meet the place of my own destiny with joy and expectation. Day after day Your Word continues to help me understand You a little better. I am coming to know each day how to live that day hooked up to Your Holy Spirit’s power. You are helping me to discern the truth from the counterfeit -- and You are giving me eyes and ears that help me see into the reality of Your kingdom. I never thought I would ever be in such a place as this! It is all about You, Jesus -- and about Your willingness to use Your children for Your purposes -- which far outweigh any other reason for living. I am grateful You deliberately use ordinary, every day, fault-filled people, as well as educated and brilliant people. Knowing the times in which we now live, I am humbled to be included in the midst of Your army. I know You have been searching to and fro for people who would trust You entirely. My greatest desire is to be one of these people. I know I do not always succeed in this quest, but I am determined to keep trying. I have come to a place in my life where I ask myself often if I am indeed "completely Yours." Oh I know I am saved, but I seem to need to surrender multiple times -- as I selfishly hold on to my own "comfort zones." Recognizing You desire that I live a life trusting You with a completely surrendered heart -- I keep trying. It is a daily thing with me -- learning to trust You with my entire being. It is Your love for me that is seeing me through this process. It is a day to day revelation of Your grace and Your mercy which gives me a grateful heart and a spirit which sustains me. To be unconditionally loved by You through Christ’s great sacrifice is the foundation stone I stand on and live by. Your love has allowed me to plant my feet on the most exciting, rewarding path possible for man. Your precious Holy Spirit has fueled me with the energy, power and strength to keep traveling. This journey is beyond anything I ever understood to be possible - and my greatest desire is to keep moving, to keep growing, to keep trusting. 2 Thessalonians 3:5 states, "may the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance" -- so this is my prayer. I ask You, Lord, to help all who pray this prayer today to move forward in trust and in faith so they can stand firmly on their own path of life -- fulfilling the purposes for which You created them. If they are holding anything back from You, Lord, I ask You to help them realize what they are doing and surrender it at the foot of Your cross. Many are presently locked in confusion and are living very unhealthy lives.

In Jesus' name we pray


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