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Wait On You | Elevation Worship & Maverick City

I don’t believe in fairy tales

I guess I’ve outgrown them

But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that there’s something bigger than me

Cause I’ve seen it in a hospital room

When the doctor said

Sorry there’s nothing more we can do

Well it wasn’t through

I’ve never seen a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

But I’ve got a promise I can hold in the middle of the struggle

God if you said it You’ll perform it

May not be how I want You to

But here’s what I’ll do

I’m gonna wait on You

I’m gonna wait on You

I’ve tasted Your goodness

I’ll trust in Your promise

I’m gonna wait on You

I know You’ve ordered every step

Yeah, You are the Author

And there’s no predicting what is next

But You hold the future

And all the questions they come second to the one I know is true

You’ve always been true

Wait on the Lord

Wait on the Lord

He will renew your strength

So wait I say

Wait On You | Elevation Worship & Maverick City

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